Recovery Resources

Some of the most encouraging experiences in my recovery journey have been the "me too" moments created when others were willing to share their stories with me. In their stories, I was able to see myself. I was able to find labels for some of the symptoms, behavior patterns, and frustrations I was experiencing and did not yet understand. Most importantly, I was able to see the joy and peace they were experiencing in this new way of life called "recovery." Their stories gave me hope that I could one day enjoy that kind of healing and freedom. 

The hope they invested in me did not disappoint and now that I have experienced so much healing, I have to share my story. I will share every lesson mined from the pain of healing, as I am prompted—every story that holds the possibility of giving you that same gift of hope I was so freely given.

So here you will find a library of video content I will be building over time, including live talks and YouTube videos on various recovery-related topics. If you find them helpful, please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and choose to receive notifications so you don't miss anything!